Bury St Edmunds County High School

Our Staff

Leadership Team

Sally Kennedy

Jo Thuell
Deputy Headteacher (Pastoral), DSL

Henry Stevenson
Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)

Matt Benson
Assistant Headteacher (Inclusions/SENDCo)

Nathan Marshall
Assistant Headteacher (Beyond the Curriculum)

Vic Middleditch
Assistant Headteacher (Aspiration within the Curriculum)

Middle Leaders


Head of Year 9: Mrs Taylor

Head of Year 10: Mr Brown
Assistant Head: Ms Ash

Head of Year 11: Mr Hamill

Head of Sixth Form: Mr Harrison/Mr Turner


Head of English: Ms Ahmed
Reading Co-ordinator: Mrs Lewis

English Co-ordinator: Mrs Dowsing

Head of Maths: Mrs Ibrahim
Maths Co-ordinator: Dr Elliott-Sands

Head of Science (and Head of Biology): Mrs O’Neill
Deputy Head: Dr Hanfrey
Head of Chemistry: Mr Western

Head of Physics: Ms Pascoe
Head of Computer Science: Mr Haysom

Head of Humanities: Mr Childs-Bennett
Head of Geography: Mr O’Leary
Head of Religious Studies/ Beliefs and Values: Miss Meakin

Head of Languages: Mr Goodchild
Deputy Head: Mrs Sauvage

Head of Performing & Visual Arts: Mr Perry

Head of Drama: Mr Crane

Head of Art: Ms Bowman
Head of PE: Mr Burton

Teaching Staff

Miss Ahmed

Ms Ash

Mr Benson

Miss Bowman

Miss Brawn

Mr Brown

Mrs Browning

Mr Burton

Mr Childs-Bennett

Mr Coleman

Mr Crane

Mr Derbyshire

Mrs Dowsing

Dr Elliott-Sands

Mr Fisher

Mr Goodchild

Mrs Griffin

Mr Hamill

Dr Hanfrey

Mr Harrison

Mr Harrison

Miss Hart

Mr Haysom

Mr Heaton

Miss Holton

Mr Hopkins

Ms Horrocks

Mrs Ibrahim

Mr Jefferies

Mr Jermy

Mrs Kingston

Mrs Lay

Mrs Lewis

Miss Longden

Mrs Loughton

Mr Marshall

Miss Meakin

Mrs Middleditch

Mr O’Leary

Mrs O’Neill

Miss Pascoe

Mrs Peasey

Mr Perry

Mr Ramakrishnan

Mrs Sauvage

Miss Stannard

Mr Staples

Mr Stevenson

Mrs Taylor

Ms Taylor

Mrs Thuell

Ms Townsend

Mr Turner

Miss Warne

Mr Western



Support Staff

Head’s PA & Office Manager: Mrs White

Receptionist: Mrs Brinkley

Administrator: Mrs Bryant

Administrator: Ms Collins

Administrator: Mrs Dolby

Administrator: Mrs Harley

Administrator: Mrs McNeill

Administrator: Miss Swan

Senior Finance Assistant: Mrs Frew

Exams Officer: Mrs Gannaway

Data Manager: Mrs Hill

Attendance Officer: Miss Parnell

Attendance Officer: Mrs Scallan

Finance Manager: Mrs Vaughan

Librarian: Mrs Cox

Librarian: Mrs Harvey

LSA: Mrs Davey

LSA: Mrs Earle

LSA: Mrs Howell

LSA: Mrs Wotton

Pastoral/ADSL: Mrs Cooper

Pastoral/Inclusions Coordinator: Mr Kharbouch

Pastoral: Mrs Barker

Pastoral: Miss Broomfield

Pastoral: Mr Collins

Pastoral: Ms McKie

Pastoral/Cover Supervisor: Mrs Woodfine

Technician: Mr Baker

Technician: Mrs Lafond

Technician: Miss James

Technician: Mrs Stocking

Technician: Mr Williams

Caretaker: Mr Hamlin

Caretaker: Mr Hamlin

Caretaker: Mr Mitchell

Cleaner : Mr Cockerill

Cleaner : Miss Coleman