Bury St Edmunds County High School

The School Day

08:55Go to registration 
09:00Tutor Time
09:25Lesson 1
10:15Lesson 2
11:25Go to Lesson 3
11:30Lesson 3
12:20Lesson 4
13:55Go to Lesson 5
14:00Lesson 5
14:50Lesson 6
15:40End of school day

Total time in a typical week is 33 hours and 20 minutes

Break and Lunchtime

Students are expected to be outside at breaktime and lunchtime unless they are visiting the coffee shop where they are allowed to stay and eat. Students are allowed inside if they are attending an extra-curricular activity supervised by a member of staff, if they are attending the library or they are visiting the toilet facilities in the main corridor.

Students are not allowed to take food into the building unless it is a wet break or lunchtime and they may take it to the designated area for their year group.

Wet Break/ Lunchtime

The decision to call a ‘wet break’ will be communicated to all staff by e-mail. There is a ‘wet break shadow duty rota for staff. Students are not permitted to go onto the field but if the weather is improving may get fresh air on the quod if staffing permits.

If it is raining the following are designated spaces:  

  • Year 9:   Gym  
  • Year 10: Hall  
  • Year 11: Coffee Shop