County Upper School

School Uniform

How to Purchase

Our school uniform can be purchased from an online shop. You can purchase all of the uniform you require and it will be delivered direct to your home.

Uniform Expectations

  • Plain mid grey school skirt or full-length trousers (not black)
  • Plain white conventional or polo shirt or the “County Upper” polo shirt (September to Easter)
  • “County Upper” polo shirt (Summer term). The shirt must either sit within 20cm of the top of the trousers/skirt or be tucked in. It must be tucked in on formal occasions (eg. prizegiving, concerts).
  • “County Upper” pullover (compulsory from September to Easter)
  • Black, sensible, safe, suitable school shoes (not trainers)
  • No jewellery is to be worn. Only studs may be worn in pierced ears. Nose studs, tongue studs and other body piercing are not allowed. Students may wear one stud per ear. These rules apply throughout the school day, including lunchtime. No jewellery can be worn for PE and students may be asked to remove some jewellery in other lessons (eg. Food)
  • No smart watches are to be worn.
  • Any make-up must be discreet and hair must be a natural colour. Hair shaved to a “number 0” is not allowed and extravagant styles will be referred to the Year Head.
  • Students can wear any item under their shirt (white, if visible) for additional warmth and/or a coat (not sweatshirt) over their jumper to, from and around school and at break and lunchtimes. Coats are not to be worn in tutor or lesson times.
  • Hats may not be worn inside the buildings.
  • Students failing to observe the uniform code will have one of two types of uniform pass. Staff should ask to see students’ passes if in doubt and should see the appropriate form tutor if necessary.
  • Sixth form students should use their judgement in wearing clothing suitable for school.
  • All students should seek advice from pastoral staff before items are purchased, if students or parents are in any doubt.

PE Kit

All students are expected to arrive to PE lessons with all of the correct and appropriate kit. This includes;

  • Bury Sports Trust navy shorts or Bury Sports Trust skort
  • Bury Sports Trust navy polo shirt
  • Bury Sports Trust navy socks
  • Correct footwear (trainers/studs)
  • Students are permitted to wear navy or black base layers. If girls wish to wear leggings alone they MUST be the County Upper Navy Leggings. It is recommended students have the County Upper navy long sleeve top (cold weather lessons), as no other type/branding of kit is permitted.